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12 - 14 May, 2021



Presentations – 10 minutes
Discussions – 5 minutes




The Annual 27th International Scientific Conference “Research for Rural Development 2021” team is working hard every day on the preparation of RRD 2021, committed to offering you the best possible service in the context of the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic. We have to adapt to the international situation, so organizing committee of RRD 2021 decided to convert the conference completely into a web-based event.

We offer participants two ways of presenting research during the conference:

      1. Online presentation with PowerPoint programme in Zoom platform;

      2. Poster, template here.



27th International scientific conference "Research for Rural Development 2021"
Plenary session (video)


27th International scientific conference "Research for Rural Development 2021"
Economics, food sciences and veterinary medicine sections (video)


27th International scientific conference "Research for Rural Development 2021"
Forestry and Wood Processing, Agricultural Sciences, Rural Engineering, Water Management, Information and Communication Technologies and Education sections (video)




Migle Šontaite-Petkevičiene
Guerrilla Marketing: a Creative and Small Budget Approach to Entrepreneurial Marketing

Lyubomir Lyubenov, Atanas Atanasov, Ivavlo Hristakov
Profitableness and Perspective of the Apiculture in North-Eastern Bulgaria

Sonata Staniuliene, Justine Jurova
Remote Job Design Possibilities to Work in Lithuanian Companies from Distant Locations

Vera Hohlova, Baiba Rivža
The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Unemployment Rate in Latvia

Maryna Dubinina, Iryna Ksonzhyk, Svitlana Syrtseva, Yuliia Cheban, Olha Luhova, Tetiana Pisochenko
Implementation of the Compliance System in the Activities of Agricultural Enterprises in Ukraine: Prerequisites and Main Aspects

Māra Pētersone, Kārlis Ketners, Danis Krieviņš
Integrate Health Care System Performance Assessment for Value-Based Health Care Implementation in Latvia

Gintare Vaznoniene, Bernardas Vaznonis
Attitudes of Population towards their Wellbeing and Climate Change Interface Territorial Dimension

Iryna Honcharenko, Nataliya Shyshpanova
Innovation as a Factor of the Labor Resources of Rural Areas Reserve

Lasma Aleksejeva, Modrite Pelse, Agnese Hauka
Organic Production as Part of a Sustainable Local Food Supply Chain

Inese Blanka
How Knowledge management may Influenced Regional Development in Latvia

Jurgita Zaleckiene, Aista Ragauskaite
The Application of Entrepreneurship Based Activities for Development of Agro-startups

Aiste Ragauskaite, Jan Zukovskis
Development of Social Innovations for Proactive Empowerment of Organizations in Rural Areas

Inguna Lazdina
Strategic Perspectiveness of Polycentric Development in Latvia

Agnese Hauka
Developing Innovations in Agriculture by M16 "Cooperation" of CAP 20 14-2020

Asta Raupeliene
Assessment the Impact of Factors on Rural Advisers Engagement:Lithuanian Chamber of Agriculture Case

Lilita Zeltiņa
Public Goods and Urban Regeneration in Context of Urban Planning

Iryna Ksonzhyk
Rural Tourism as an Activator of the Development of the Regions of the Baltic-Black Sea Axis

Olena Petrova
Financial Support for the Development of Meat-Processing Factories in Ukraine

Gunita Mazure
Financial Platforms as Alternative Financial Instrument to Crediting


Anete Keke, Ingmars Cinkmanis
Total Phenolic Content and Antioxidant Activity of Honey Powders


Dace Stankevica
Summary of Macroscopic Lesions in Dogs with Megaesophagus/Polyneuropathy


Lāsma Freimane, Linda Čakša, Annija Kārkliņa, Didzis Elferts, Beate Bērziņa
Long-term Trends in Post-fire vegetation Recovery

Guna Petaja, Ilze Karlina, Santa Neimane
Short-term Effects of Fertilization on Tree Photosynthetic Activity in a Deciduous Tree Plantation


Vitalii Liubych, Hryhorii Hospodarenko
Influence of Long-term Fertilization on Yield and Quality of Spring Triticale Grain in the Right-Bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine

Sarmīte Rancāne, Ivo Vēzis, Dzidra Kreišmane, Aija Rebāne, Aldis Jansons
Assessment of Parennial Ryegrass (Lolium Perenne L.) Genotypes under Latvia Agro-Ecological Conditions

Kintija Pekša
Development of Rye Diseases Depending on Cultivars and Fungicide Application


Dainora Jankauskiene, Indrius Kuklys, Lina Kukliene, Birute Ruzgiene
Some Aspects on Mapping Technologies Used for Capturin and Modelling of Small Architectural Objects

Anete Anna Zālīte, Jovita Pilecka-Ulcugaceva, Kristine Valujeva, Inga Grinfelde, Sindija Liepa, Juris Burlakovs, Zane Vincevica-Gaile
The Impact of Crop on GHG Emissions from Clay Soils

Vladimir Surgelas, Vivita Pukite, Irina Arhipova
Property Evaluation Based on Ambiguous Logic through Building Inspection in S?o Paulo City, Brazil

Ieva Kraukle, Ilze Stokmane, Kristine Vugule
Planning of Urban Forest in Riga and Major European Cities

Dace Ržepicka
Urban Waterfront Landscapes in Industrial Heritage Areas in Ventspils

Janis Fabriciuss
Timber Portal Frames with Semi-Rigid Joint: Problems and Solutions


Jekaterina Smirnova
Usability Evaluation of Government Managed Covi d-19 Information Websites in Latvia

Rolands Avišāns
Open Data in Latvia: Towards Quality or Quantity

Ainārs Belovs
Time-Aware Event Recommendations Using Topic Modeling


Sandra Kreija-Gaikšte, Irēna Katane
Multidimensional and Multifunctional Context of National DefenseTraining in Latvian Schools

Marina Troškova
Self-Evaluation of University Teacher Competitiveness in the Context of Multilevel Higher Educational Environment