In project has developed two courses in estudy environment "Noise control" and "Energy Efficiency", to which you can connect if you register in this system!

Noise control

Acoustics is a science about the sound or mechanical vibrations of small amplitude. Building acoustics is a branch of acoustics with the objective to form a favourable acoustic environment for people in buildings and in construction on the whole, carrying out it with architectural-building methods.

The course includes the following sections:

  • Basics of building acoustics
  • Technical Acoustics
  • Investigation of noise sources
  • The strategic antinoise measures
  • Development of 3D noise maps with noise mapping software
  • Antinoise measures for equipements
  • External environmental noise source characteristics
  • Elements of facades for acoustical design

Energy Efficiency

To reduce energy consumption in the building, it is necessary to understand: what is necessary to compensate the heat loss as to why they have arisen, and what energy efficiency measures are taken. Since each house is unique, then the energy efficiency measures for each building will be different

The course includes the following sections:

  • Legislation on energy performance of building
  • Thermodynamics and Heat Exchange
  • Calculations of heat processes for constructions
  • Buildings and the constructive elements
  • Energy Resources
  • Energy efficiency calculation
  • Assessment of energy efficiency measures
  • Design of renewable energy technologies