Concept of project

„Sciences and industry cooperation in the Siauliai and Jelgava”

The overall project objective is technology transfer centers progress and the possibility of promoting entrepreneurship in the border area of Jelgava and Siauliai.

Project objectives are:

  • To improve technology transfer centers and technical basis of Jelgava and Šiauliai City City;
  • To promote university-industry collaboration of new high value-added building products in the creation;
  • To develop new high value-added product / s and promote it in LV, LT and beyond borders.

Project duration: 24 months

Project activities:

  1. Work package: TTechnology transfer center of material and technical basis improvement – includes a technology transfer center of the base material and technical improvements (acoustics and energy laboratories in addition to the purchase of equipment, altitude chamber acquisition, technical project for Siauliai technology incubators, etc.) necessary to Siauliai and Jelgava to develop technology transfer centers and establish closer cooperation among the students - entrepreneurs - scientists.
  2. Work package: Creating Partnerships between technology transfer centers in Siauliai and Jelgava - includes local government, university and industry collaboration of new high value added products in the creation of new cross-border contacts between businessmen, students and scholars. Within this activity is designed to work with business incubators in business to provide practical knowledge to students in the business environment of high value added products.
  3. Work package: Marketing activities - includes the necessary technology transfer centers publicity actions (press releases, information leaflets, participation in exhibitions, etc.).
  4. Work package: Project Management - includes project management, supervision, implementation (procurements, reporting, management committee and the organization of seminars, etc.).

Project partners: Jelgava City Council; Latvia University of Agriculture; Šiauliai City Municipality administration; Siauliai University